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Client: NTUC First Campus

Year: 2017

Type of Project: #branding #publicawareness

NTUC First Campus wanted to present its annual report in a refreshing way through the digital format, with the aim of sharing with its stakeholders the positive impact that it has made on children and families in Singapore.

We created an engaging corporate communication piece by tapping on the stories from NTUC First Campus’ educators and support staff, to showcase the company’s core competencies in nurturing young children and partnering working families in Singapore.

the project

Home   NTUC First Campus Annual Report 2

We conceptualised and designed a microsite for the annual report, to take NTUC First Campus’ stakeholders on a journey of growth and understand how it has helped to raise the bar for early childhood development in Singapore, work in partnership with parents to nurture their children, support children who need additional developmental help and nurtured its staff through the years . To share the narrative visually and make it easily accessible to the audience, we produced a series of four videos featuring selected key educators, parents and children to highlight the good work that NTUC First Campus has done. These videos, together with text and infographics, designed thematically to fit the early childhood education industry, form the narrative of the digital annual report. Financial details were presented in a PDF document, available to shareholders through log-in access.

We also created a social media campaign for NTUC First Campus’ Facebook over a 3-month period. Three of the videos from the annual report were rolled out with a series of eight different profile stories featuring parents, students, educators and partners, to reinforce the message that NTUC makes accessible, quality early childhood education available for all children in Singapore.

View full videos here

the result

NTUC First Campus’ shareholders found that the digital annual report accessible and easy-to-understand. The series of posts generated well over 2,000 reactions, comments and reshares during the 3-month campaign period.

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