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Client: Physio & Sole Clinic

Year: 2018

Type of Project: #branding #reposition #rebrand

The Physio & Sole Clinic, formerly The Sole Clinic, wanted to rebrand itself. Initially known for its podiatry services only, it wanted to rebrand itself to be recognised as a home-grown practice that provides physiotherapy as well as podiatry services, all under one roof.  


A digital engagement strategy was successfully implemented over six months, with digital and social media assets and content created to be aligned to their new name and logo.

the project

Our strategy involved redesigning their digital ‘shopfront’,  creating a branding video to communicate the rebranding rationale, and pushing out meaningful social media content that consistently communicates the new brand to existing and potential customers.


The thinking behind the website revamp was to create a modern and streamlined website that fits the new name and logo of the company. Physio & Sole Clinic was already running a Whatsapp service where anyone can send them a message for advice on pains and aches that they are suffering from. To make it easier for potential clients to contact the company, we integrated click-to-chat Whatsapp services into their website for podiatry and physiotherapy queries.

Next, the video allowed the founders to share their philosophy behind their company existence, in a personable way.


Then a social media campaign was developed for Physio & Sole Clinic’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Through informational posts that shares ‘care tips’ for ailments that can be resolved through podiatry or physiotherapy,  the audience could connect back to the various types of physiotherapy and podiatry services available at their clinics, thereby generating interest and leads.

View full video here

the result

Through a 6-month targeted ad buy on Facebook, Physio & Sole Clinic’s social media content reached increased by 167 times, compared to the period 6 months prior.

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